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Welcome to the DOWNLOADS page.


Here you can find downloadable and printable PDF copies of both plays that currently make up the PLAYS FOR THE PEOPLE project.


These plays are being offered on the principle of pay what you decide. While it's important to me that as many people as possible can access them, I'd also like keep working to develop this project, write more plays like this and distribute them further. For this reason I'd be very grateful if you could take a moment to think about making a donation by clicking on the yellow button below. 

You can also do this after you have read them, of course.


Individuals, theatre and art organisations, HE institutions and schools are invited to help themselves to copies of these plays and organise their own performances as many times as they like. If and when you do this it would be great if you could take my time and labour (as well as those I have collaborated with to produce these plays) into consideration.

Thanks in advance, and good luck!

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