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We are the citizens'. This is our Assembly. We are the actors in this story.

What are we doing about the climate emergency? What are we not doing? What more could we be doing? What more should we be doing?

A collaboration with applied arts practitioner Lynsey O'Sullivan, A CITIZENS' ASSEMBLY is the latest and most ambitious work in the PLAYS FOR THE PEOPLE project. 

The play tells a story of some people in a room who have met to discuss this issue. The assembled audience play the people in the play. The set is the room they are in.


Through three acts opinions and positions are offered. Conversations and arguments around the themes and ideas take place. In the third act a discussion happens concerning what might happen next.

Increasingly, we are very keen to ensure that there are opportunities for our audiences and communities to engage directly with artists and cultural projects - not just as a spectator. A Citizen's Assembly provides a unique moment for people to have fun and explore issues that are important to them in a safe, inclusive environment. Audiences at The Lowry absolutely loved being part of it.

-  Matthew Eames

   Head of Theatres (Contemporary and Commissioning), The Lowry

Developed through conversations with individuals and organisations, including climate scientists at The Tyndall Centre for climate change research at The University of Manchester, and with the support of the SALC social responsibility fund and The Dukes Theatre, Lancaster, A CITIZENS' ASSEMBLY uses the form of the PLAYS FOR THE PEOPLE project to explore and consider this important but sometimes overwhelming issue through a collective act of play. Here is a short video of me talking about it...



From Spring 2024 we will undertake performances in Studio Theatres, Classrooms and Community Halls (public dates below).


  • Wednesday 21st February at 7.30pm, Lancaster Arts. For more information and to book tickets please click here.

  • Wednesday 28th of February at 7pm, York University. For more information and to book tickets please click here.

  • Tuesday 5th of March at 6.30pm, University of Glasgow: part of The Dear Green Bothy, a programme of creative and critical responses to sustainability and the climate crisis, supported by the College of Arts and Humanities and Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow. For more information and to book tickets please click here.

  • Tuesday 16th of April, HOME Manchester. For more information and to book tickets please click here.

It was brilliant to see how engaged young people and community members were in the dialogue around climate change. The format of the play really helps people to feel safe and brave enough to share their thoughts and it encourages people to listen and respect each other's perspectives. The different characters views and the fact that the audience are playing within the play creates a safety net, whilst being engaging, thought provoking and amusing.

-  Jennifer Riding

   Director of Learning & Engagement, The Lowry

Are you interested in hosting or booking a performance of this work? The piece is designed to be able to take place in any room where people can gather and talk to each other. It is suitable for ages 14+. The ideal audience anything between 30 and 150 people.


We want to reach as broad an audience as we possibly can. If you are interested in hearing more about the work or booking performance please contacting us for further information.


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